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The National Cycling Data and Analytics Platform

This project will facilitate the integration, sharing, and dissemination of new and existing cycling-related data. In order to address gaps in the current data and provide a seamless data hub for understanding current cycling trends and the needs of future or potential cyclists, a nationwide survey of cycling attitudes and behaviours will be conducted.

The integrated data will enable the development of planning support tools through an interactive, online map-based dashboard. This will allow researchers, planners, and designers to visualise data, monitor evolving attitudes and sentiment towards cycling, identify gaps and opportunities in cycling networks, test various infrastructure provision scenarios and analyse economic impacts to justify targeted infrastructure investments. The project will aid in promoting more active and healthier lifestyles, alleviating traffic congestion and public transport crowding, and promoting decarbonisation and energy efficiency in Australian cities.


Leading organisation

University of New South Wales

Funded by

Australian Research Council (ARC)

Collaborating partners

Amy Gillett Foundation
Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN)
Bicycle Industries Association
Bicycle Network
Curtin University
University of Queensland
University of Western Australia
WeRide Australia

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