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Dr Lee Roberts

Lee Roberts
Research Associate


I am an urban planner and designer with more than ten years of experience in all phases of planning, design and construction, including urban planning frameworks and policy, public consultation, design documentation and construction administration. My professional experience focused on precinct planning, active transport, transit-oriented development, master planning, and urban infill projects. I am an experienced facilitator with a strong interest in community-driven planning, with experience on community-based participatory design and planning projects in China, Taiwan, and Japan.

I have master’s degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning, and a PhD in Urban Design. My PhD research focused on the creation of urban rail trails and the role of active transport in public spaces. I am particularly interested in how public space and active transport infrastructure can contribute to social and economic vitality in cities. Since moving to Sydney in 2019, I have been tutoring and convening courses at UNSW in Architecture, City Planning and Landscape Architecture; researching the implementation and use of bicycle infrastructure in Greater Sydney; and advocating for bicycling and bicycling infrastructure in the Eastern Suburbs.