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Seminar Series

Launched in March 2021, the Centre’s new seminar program is a platform to share and discuss research findings on urban policy and analytics. It is a forum for Centre researchers and higher degree students, as well as for invited/visiting guests working in our field. We very much hope this will draw interest from academic colleagues in the broader Faculty and beyond, as well as from partners in government and industry. 

Scheduled fortnightly on Fridays from 4-5pm, the program will at least initially operate in a COVID-safe ‘hybrid’ format where a limited number of participants can attend physically at the campus (in the Red Centre Building) or can otherwise join online via MS Teams. 

Upcoming events


CFRC Higher Degree Research Student Symposium
Alessandra Buxton, Parian Hoseini, Christopher Robinson and Josephine Roper

Past events

18th November 2022

4th November 2022

21st October 2022

  • Dr. Charlie Gillon & Professor Michael Ostwald on "Michael - 'Architectural and Spatial Computing: Geometry, Movement and Cognition’ & Charlie - 'How professional values, professional ethics, and regulation influence the practices of architects: findings from a systematic literature review'"

7th October 2022

  • Dr. Fatemeh Aminpour on "Schools’ use of public/community open spaces in their local neighbourhood: Implications, opportunities and challenges"

23rd September 2022

  • Dr. Ben Clifford on "Implications of the housing crisis for planning in England: Deregulation, Austerity and the Entrepreneurial State"

18th August 2022

  • Associate Professor Hazel Easthope and Michael Teys on " A new pathway to displacement? The implications of strata collective sales for vulnerable residents & The evolution of the anticommons: Exploring the implications of mixed-use stratum property on facilitating urban renewal by collective sales"

5th August 2022

  • Will Thackway on "Bondi to Byron: Comparing the urban and regional rental market responses to the COVID-19 pandemic"

22nd July 2022

  • Dr Sungsu Jo on "Smart Cities in South Korea: Sejong 5-1 and Busan Eco Delta City"

8th July 2022

24th June 2022

  • Sugandha and Philip Graus on " Can urban design improve metropolitan planning? An examination of the role of urban design in shaping and delivering the Western Parkland City & Social Sustainability in the Indian Smart Cities Mission - Evaluation & Rating of the 100 Cities"

10th June 2022

  • Professor Hal Pawson on "Managing Access to Social Housing in Australia: Unpacking policy frameworks and service provision outcomes"

27th May 2022

20th May 2022

  • Dr Andrew Clarke on "Reified scarcity and the problem space of need: unpacking Australian social housing policy"

8th April 2022

  • Dr Michael Sinclair on "Exploring urban mobility using new forms of spatial big data from mobile phones"

25 February 2022

  • Prof Chris Pettit & Reg Wade on "Understanding the potential value uplift of a high speed rail network across the east coast of Australia"

10 December 2021

  • Dr Laura Crommelin on "Cracks in the compact city: how bad are building defects in strata and how can we better protect apartment residents"

26 Novmeber 2021

  • Dr Negin Nazarian on "Urban Climate Informatics: data analytics and digital infrastructure addressing urban climate challenges"

12 November 2021

  • Dr Ed Wensign on "Indigenous peoples’ human rights and treaty developments in Australia: Why land and land use should be front and centre in any treaty negotiations"

29 October 2021

  • Prof Bill Randolph on "How long does it take to develop a block of flats in Sydney: The impact of planning"

15 October 2021

  • Dr Chris Martin on "Housing after prison for people with complex support needs"

17 September 2021

  • Dr Matt Ng on "Colouring Australia: Obtaining Building-level Attribute Data"
  • Hojun Lee on "A Convolutional Neural Network for Housing Valuation with Geographically Spatial Layers"

03 September 2021

  • Dr Ajith Jayasekare on "Aesthetic View - Does DTM/DSM Resolution Matter for Automated Valuation Models?"
  • Dr Henry Petersen on "Data collection and visualisation for Microclimate Analysis in South Melbourne"

06 August 2021

  • Prof. Sisi Zlatanova on "Research from GRID - Geospatial Research Innovation and Development centre from UNSW, Sydney"

23 July 2021

09 July 2021

  • Prof. Stuart Barr on "The Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network's research on urban modelling"

25 June 2021

  • Parisa Zare on "Geo-design in planning and designing for bicycling: an evidence-based approach for collaborative bicycling planning"
  • Nemanja Nikolic on "The Evolving Commercial Geography of the City in Built-form: Modelling of Office Submarkets and Property Values in Metropolitan Sydney"

11 June 2021

  • Dr Hoon Han on "Human mobility impacts on the surging incidence of COVID-19 in India"
  • Rupa Ganguli on "The sales intermediary groups responsible for Sydney’s apartment boom"

14 May 2021

  • Dr Balamurugan Soundaraj on "Using Real Time Dashboards to Monitor the Impacts of Disruptive Events on the Real Estate Market. Case of COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia"
  • Will Thackway on "Airbnb's impact on property prices in Sydney"

30 April 2021

16 April 2021

  • Prof Hal Pawson on “COVID-19: rental housing and homelessness impacts: an initial analysis”

09 April 2021

  • Josephine Roper on “The effect of walkability on property values in Sydney”
  • Hyungmo Yang on “Designing Better Apartments: Spatial layouts of units for families with children”

19 March 2021

  • David Lilley on "From People to Profit: The evolution of social housing renewal in NSW since 1994"
  • Claire Daniel on "Characterising the Digital Planning Literature"