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Urban Analytics

Led by Professor Chris Pettit, Urban Analytics encompasses smart cities, big data, open data, geo-design, modelling and simulation, visualisation and virtual reality offer exciting new data-driven methods, tools and technologies to support city shapers in designing and planning our future cities.

In a post-Covid world and an era of digital disruption, understanding how data and analytics play a role in our cities is increasingly important as such approaches and technologies need to be properly understood, critically appraised and effectively used by government and industry to ensure our cities of the future are equitable, prosperous and sustainable. As our cities and regional areas become more complex, we need to be able to map and model this complexity through understanding flows and networks of people and how they move through the built environment.

The team at CFRC are working with councils to support their smart city strategy formulation and understand the benefits of technology to better engage communities. Recently, the team have developed the the Covid-19 & Property DashboardStrathfield City Council Dashboard, Sydney Dashboard and Cyclone Dashboard.


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