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My Place – Local Community Survey 2023

The South Sydney community, incorporating the urban renewal precincts of Green Square and Ashmore Estate, continues to experience significant changes as redevelopments take shape and the population grows. The City of Sydney council is working closely with the community to ensure services and amenities keep pace with these changes to the residential and commercial profile of the region.

 In line with these endeavours, City Futures has previously carried out three community surveys in the Green Square urban renewal precinct. The first, a pilot study in 2013, was funded by UNSW Built Environment and supported by the City of Sydney. In 2014, the City of Sydney funded a more comprehensive, and more representative, survey of the Green Square precinct. This was followed in 2017 and 2020 with a survey of a wider area that incorporated both the Green Square and Ashmore Estate renewal areas.

 So that the City of Sydney can identify how it might best support communities’ social wellbeing associated with environmental, economic and social changes, it is essential to collect information about the experiences and desires of residents and workers. This includes their satisfaction with, and feelings of attachment and belonging to, the places they live and work, the nature of their social interactions and social cohesion, and their plans and desires regarding their local areas. To this end, this project provides a report presenting the results of the community survey alongside an overview of the implications of the survey findings for the City’s core functions. The previous surveys of the Green Square urban renewal precinct provided important information about the community with implications for community development, for open space and public domain planning, for building design and for place making.

 The findings of the 2023 survey will inform the City of Sydney’s work in providing targeted community facilities, amenities and support services in the South Sydney area.

Find the Ashmore reports here: