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Dr Sophie-May Kerr

Research Associate


Phone: +61 2 9348 0751

Dr Sophie-May Kerr is an urban cultural geographer, who uses social research methods to better understand lived experiences of housing, home and neighbourhood transformation. Sophie-May is particularly interested in socio-material experiences of apartment living. She completed her PhD titled ‘Dwelling in discordant spaces: Material and emotional geographies of parenting in apartments’ at the University of Wollongong in 2020. She joined the City Futures team as a Research Associate in 2021. 

Alongside her academic career, Sophie-May has extensive experience in community engagement and project leadership in the non-profit sector. Working in refugee settlement support, Sophie-May has worked across a variety of program areas including employment and training, education, youth leadership and social inclusion. Sophie-May has co-designed cultural capacity training for businesses and schools, and is an advocate for equitable and inclusive communities. 


Book Chapters

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Journal articles

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