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The Efficient Use of Dwellings and Land by Older Home Owners

The project aims provide a better understanding of recent changes in the location, dwelling type, size of older home owner's dwellings and how these factors are influenced by the age of the occupants, their health, household type and cultural background. In addition to the size of the dwelling and land, the project also examines the design and layout of this space and how this space is used as the resident ages. This will provide a more accurate picture of how efficiently older home-owners currently occupy their housing stock and presents the opportunity to identify housing solutions that can improve the efficient use of housing stock, while ensuring that older occupants' housing and care requirements, and their preferences, are met.


AHURI Final Report No. 144
Dwelling, Land and Neighbourhood Use by Older Home Owners
B. Judd, D. Olsberg, J. Quinn, L. Groenhart and O. Demirbilek, March 2010

AHURI Positioning Paper No 111
Dwelling, Land and Neighbourhood Use by Older Home Owners
J. Quinn, B. Judd, D. Olsberg and Oya Demirbilek, January 2009



Oya Demirbilek
Diana Olsberg
Joanne Quinn

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