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Alexandria Apartments (Photo by Brendon Baker)

Strata Stakeholder Mapping


The Residential Apartment Sustainability Plan (RASP) is the first of the City of Sydney’s (the City) sector sustainability plans and was endorsed by council in August 2015. The RASP is a ten year plan targeting greenhouse gas and water reductions in the apartment sector of 40 per cent and 7 per cent respectively, as well as seeing at least 70 per cent of waste diverted from landfill by 2021. This 10 year plan contains 30 actions that together ultimately seek to drive improved environmental performance in residential apartment sector.

Strata stakeholder mapping and analysis

The energy, water and waste targets cannot be delivered by the City alone. The City will play a role ranging from advocacy, capacity building and direct retrofitting, however to achieve change they must work with different actors in the sector. It is therefore crucial to identify, analyse, map and prioritise various sector stakeholders to understand their role in delivering the 30 actions and ultimate outcomes that will achieve RASP targets for the sector. The City asked City Futures to assist with this task.

The key objective of the research was to enable the City to prioritise engagement and ensure they are working with the right sector stakeholders to collectively deliver the RASP over the next 10 years.

The research identified key strata sector stakeholders operating within the City of Sydney Local Government Area, the formal relationships between them, and further relevant information about these stakeholders to assist the City with their engagement strategies within this sector. This report also provides an overview of key strata communications platforms and channels and their audiences as well as potential recognition schemes and awards that could be used to incentivise environmental leadership in both new and existing apartment buildings.

While this research was conducted to assist the City in furthering its plans under the RASP, the information will also be very valuable to others working in and with strata communities in the Sydney area.

The report and strata stakeholder map(s)

You can access the final report here.

The final report includes a detailed stakeholder map outlining the formal relationships between the different strata stakeholders identified (on page 11 of the report). On this webpage you can explore a simpler version of this stakeholder map. Hold your mouse over a stakeholder to focus on them and their individual connections within the map.  The stakeholders in the flower-like formation, linked to the 'Free' node to the right, are those without any identified formal connections within the map.