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Social Outcomes of Residential development Sydney Olympic Park

The project aims to investigate the current and potential future social outcomes of residential development in and adjacent to Sydney Olympic Park. The research is being considered by Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) to assist in the review of the Draft Social Plan 2025. This proposal presents a draft methodology for the areas of research SOPA has indicated it would like to pursue. Its aim is to assist in finalising an agreed research methodology that meets the data requirements of the Social Plan review, as well as providing research options for a longer-term research issues raised by SOPA in the research brief circulated to the City Futures Research Centre.

The research will be the first analysis of the new high density housing market in the vicinity of Sydney Olympic Park. It forms part of the series of small pilot projects we are undertaking to establish the nature of the higher density market in Sydney that is part of a broader research stream looking at the process of urban consolidation in the city.

Stage 1 Report:

Social outcomes of residential development, Sydney Olympic Park Stage 1: Local Area Analysis


Funded by

Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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