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Improving outcomes for lower-income private renter households: opportunities and challenges

This project will investigate opportunities for improving outcomes for lower-income households through institutional change in the Australian private rental sector (PRS). Institutional change in this context refers not only to policies and legislation/regulation but to organisational structures (established and emerging organisational actors) and established/ emerging social practices and norms around renting. An emphasis on institutions underpins the EPI and complements a substantial body or prior research on market outcomes for lower-income households highlighting the shortage of affordable supply.

It will provide policy makers with in-depth evidence on how lower-income private renters navigate the Australian PRS in the context of institutional change and social practices around renting. It will also provide evidence from housing providers/managers on opportunities for, and barriers to, housing lower-income households within this context. The findings will enable policy makers to consider the challenges and future opportunities for developing innovative practices at the low-end of the PRRS to deliver better outcomes.



Dr Sharon Parkinson (Swinburne)
Chief Investigator
Dr Amity James (Curtin)

Leading organisation

Swinburne University of Technology

Funded by

Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

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