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Green Square Community Survey 2014

This research project involved the development of a survey tool for on-going assessment of social interactions and social cohesion at a large-scale urban renewal site that could be used to:

  • Measure the nature of social cohesion and social interaction and identify opportunities and barriers residents face in contributing to social cohesion and community development.
  • Understand the wellbeing of residents and workers, including their satisfaction with and attachment to the area, their local area preferences and desires, and their plans for the future.

340 complete and valid survey responses were received.

Green Square Community Survey 2014 Final Report

Click here to read about the 2017 survey results.


Easthope H; McNamara N; Thompson S, 2014, Green Square Community Survey 2014: Final Report, City Futures Research Centre, Sydney, Australia

Funded by

City of Sydney Council

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