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Camden Residential Strategy Review

Camden Council have previously prepared a Residential Strategy in January 1997. This strategy responded to the then current metropolitan strategy, “Cities for the 21 st Century”, which amongst other things, sought a commitment to urban consolidation throughout the region as a means of accommodating a significant elements of Sydney 's future housing demand.

This strategy responded to that challenge with the following objectives:

  • Maintain and enhance local character and sense of place
  • To achieve sustainable development
  • To provide for a wide range of housing aspirations of the community
  • To identify lands for alternative/higher density housing development
  • To prepare clear and acceptable plans and design guidelines
  • To improve the quality and efficiency of the approval process

There is now a need to review the effectiveness of that strategy within the context of infrastructure capacities, current and future housing markets, changing demography and the identification of drivers for residential changes so that they can be steered to deliver more positive urban outcomes for the LGA. This includes ensuring Camden provides a mix of housing types to meet the increasingly diverse demand of a changing community, and responds to the legitimate objectives of housing affordability and sustainability. The project will therefore meet its stated objectives by completing three discrete studies that in combination will represent the review of the existing Camden Residential Strategy. These strategies are identified below and will be completed collaboratively by the project team.

1. Infrastructure Capacity Analysis

2. Market Analysis of Alternative Housing Forms feasibility

3. Analysis of Drivers of Residential Redevelopment


Simon  Pinnegar
Professor Simon Pinnegar
Chief Investigator
Doctor Kristian Ruming,
Chief Investigator
Dana Quintal
Chief Investigator

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