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Bonnyrigg Household Survey

The Bonnyrigg project is assisting the NSW Department of Housing in its efforts in improving the life opportunities of residents in larger social housing communities through a range of community renewal, regeneration or redevelopment strategies, particularly since the early 1990s. Members of the research team have been actively involved in working with the Department in a variety of ways to develop, implement and/or evaluate many of the strategies that the Department has employed during this time.

There are increasing financial and social imperatives to revitalise or redevelop large public housing estates in NSW. At the same time, social housing communities have increasing expectations that they be consulted on estate renewal, and have the opportunity to participate in renewal activities. Social housing providers and residents may have widely differing perceptions of the estate, and its strengths and weaknesses, and varying definitions of problems and effective solutions. A partnership approach to estate renewal or redevelopment will ensure that all views are taken into account in planning and implementing renewal strategies. A key component of such an approach is a thorough consultation process prior to major decisions being made about the direction of estate renewal.

The survey provides an important and timely opportunity to understand the views and aspirations of Bonnyrigg residents about their estate, and incorporate these views into planning for renewal or redevelopment. Properly conducted, the survey also acts as part of the Department’s early engagement of the community, and forms a key part of the Department’s consultation strategy. The survey is providing both geographically and temporally comparative with other estates undergoing a similar renewal or redevelopment process and as part of a longitudinal study into changes in the perceptions and life experiences of residents as their estate changes, or they are relocated to other areas.

Final Report:

The Bonnyrigg Living Communities Baseline Survey


Funded by

NSW Department of Housing

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