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Australian Homelessness Monitor 2020

Australian Homelessness Monitor is a series of national studies commissioned by Launch Housing to provide an overview analysis which highlights homelessness as a critical social problem, drawing links to labour market and housing market trends, and to social security and affordable housing policy developments.

The AHM model emulates the UK Homelessness Monitor project, as funded by CRISIS UK and led by Heriot Watt University. Along with Heriot Watt’s Prof Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Prof Hal Pawson was a co-founder of UKHM in 2010. UKHM reports have proven highly successful in drawing UK policymaker and media attention to the damaging homelessness consequences of ‘welfare reform’ and parallel policy developments in housing and other related realms.

As a follow-up to our AHM 2018 report, AHM 2020 is once again led by City Futures in collaboration with A/Prof Cameron Parsell at the University of Queensland. Joining the team this year is Chris Hartley at the UNSW Centre for Social Impact.

Consistent with the established model, AHM 2020 covers homelessness in all its forms, but this time with a specific focus on rough sleeping, and on emergency action to address street homelessness as triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research methods include:

• secondary data analysis drawing on sources including AIHW Specialist Homelessness Services statistics, ABS housing market data, state/territory government rental bond board records.

• primary research – (1). key stakeholder interviews to identify recent homelessness policy and practice developments, including those triggered by the COVID-19 crisis; and (2) indepth interviews with homelessness service users

For further information about the project, please contact Professor Hal Pawson.




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