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Wayfinding at night: Literature review

A study was undertaken by Aida Afrooz, Parisa Kalali, Simone Zarpelon Leao, Chris Pettit as an outcome of a grant by the City of Sydney Council with the key purpose of developing a comprehensive understanding of best practice night-time wayfinding research to inform future decision-making in the City of Sydney.

Accordingly, this report:

•           Outlined the common wayfinding practices based on national and international practices

•           Highlighted the new and emerging technologies in wayfinding; and

•           Identified wayfinding strategies and components which could enable different users to navigate 
            through the built environment more effectively at night.

Across the world many governments have sought to make cities more legible as well as more pedestrian friendly. However, there is still a lack of a comprehensive framework to integrate performance metrics to benchmark wayfinding systems for the built environment. A matrix is suggested in this report in order to partially overcome this limitation and to assist readers to select the most suitable strategies for the purpose of their projects.

Please click here to read the final report. 

Leading organisation

University of New South Wales

Funded by

City of Sydney

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