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Waithood: The experience of being on the social housing waiting list

This project reviews the management of access to social housing. Primarily conducted through qualitative techniques, but also including some quantitative analysis, the research includes:

  • Analysis of waiting list registration and social housing allocation policies and procedures
  • Analysis of waiting list dynamics and the profile of waitee households
  • Investigation of waitee circumstances and the coping strategies that waitees use to manage their everyday lives.

Focusing primarily on New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania, the study will yield enhanced understanding of what it means to be registered on a waiting list for an extended period.

In better informing policymaker understanding of applicant perspectives and circumstances, the research should lead to better experiences and outcomes for this population cohort – one that includes some of Australia’s most vulnerable households.

In addition to ARC funding, this collaborative project is also supported by: Shelter NSW, Anglicare Tasmania, Homelessness NSW, SGCH, MICAH Projects, QShelter, Wentworth Community Housing, Housing Plus, Community Housing Ltd.

For further information about the project, please contact Professor Hal Pawson.

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University of Technology Sydney

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Australian Research Council (ARC)

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University of Queensland

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