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Towards understanding the dynamics of the regional property markets of Australia: Spatio-temporal analysis, predictive modelling, and visualisation of sales in regional SA and NSW

This project is a collaboration between UNSW and University of South Australia.  

This research will be one of the first of its kind to shine light on the structure and dynamics of the property markets in regional towns and rural areas of Australia outside the well-studied metropolitan capital regions.  In the post pandemic Australia, a significant change is expected in people’s work-travel patterns and housing preferences. In this context, this research will provide much needed insights into how these changes will affect the property markets and subsequently economy and built environment of the country’s regional areas and its population. 

The findings will be useful to property valuers to have an enhanced understanding of the structure of property markets in regional towns and rural areas that are somewhat under-researched, although regional cities played a stronger role since the pandemic.