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The Need for Moderate Income Housing in the Greater Sydney Region

This project was commissioned by Landcom to assist in the development of its Moderate Income Housing Policy. This policy aims to develop market based affordable housing options for households with moderate incomes. This project identifed the characteristics of the moderate income housing market in Sydney (those with incomes between the 40th and 60th percentile) and establish its current position with regard to housing affordability.

In particular, the report set out to address three tasks. The first of which there was as historical assessment of the emergence of increasing ‘unaffordability' in home ownership for moderate income households in Sydney. Secondly, an analysis of the current extent and nature of moderate income ‘housing stress' in Sydney was undertaken. Finally, an assessment was made of the impact of housing affordability in Sydney on “key workers” on moderate incomes. Those workers deemed important to the funding of the city.

Final Report:

The need for moderate income housing in the greater Sydney region


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