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Sustainable Retrofits

How to implement sustainable retrofits in your strata scheme

  • Do you wish that your building could be more efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable?
  • Don’t know where to start or how to get it done?

Then this site is for you.

Follow our step by step guide to undertaking sustainable retrofits in your strata scheme and help to transform your building.

Watch an instructional video on how to use this tool here

The content of this website and associated information sheets provide general advice only. It does not constitute legal or financial advice. You should carefully consider the laws and circumstances applicable to your own retrofits projects. While every care has been taken in the production of this document, no legal responsibility or liability is accepted, warranted or implied by the authors or the City Futures Research Centre and any liability is hereby expressly disclaimed.

This how to guide has been developed for strata residents and owners in New South Wales, Australia (NSW). If you live outside of NSW, you may still find this guide useful, but you will need to check the local laws, regulations and service providers that apply in your jurisdiction.

This ‘how to guide’ has been developed by Hazel Easthope and Caitlin Buckle at the University of New South Wales with input from Christine Byrne at Green Strata, members of the City of Sydney’s Residential Apartment Sustainability Reference group and volunteer strata owners living in Sydney. The research has been funded under Australian Research Council Grant FT130100511.

© City Futures Research Centre, UNSW Sydney.

This guide may be reproduced in part or whole by non-profit organisations and individuals for educational purposes, so long as the City Futures Research Centre, UNSW Sydney is acknowledged.

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