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Supporting system building in non-government schools: Steiner and Montessori

This project is a collaboration between School of Education and City Futures Research Centre. This proposal builds on existing work between the School of Education / Gonski Institute for Education and partners, Steiner Education Australia (SEA), Montessori Australia (MA), and Montessori Schools and Centres Australia (MSCA). Initiated in late 2019 (following a meeting at the Australian Council for Educational Leaders conference), this partnership has included a 2020 keynote presentation (From MySchool to Our School)to the national Steiner education conference, a 2021 SEA funded small grant ] leading to the report Steiner 2021: The curation of contemporary education, and the currently underway replication with MA and MSCA (report to be delivered by the end of 2021). 

The goals of this project are to; initiate collaborations between SED / GIE and City Futures within ADA;  locate UNSW as a national source of information on Steiner and Montessori schools – part of an international agenda; and build collaborative research capacity within ADA and external partners to mutual benefit.