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Social housing as infrastructure: an investment pathway

This project defines an investment pathway that would follow from the re-conceptualisation of social housing as infrastructure. This involves:

  1. Developing a bottom-up method for estimating the scale of unmet need for social housing across Australia – encompassing both the 2016 backlog and the newly-arising need that will accompany expected population growth to 203
  2. Estimating the procurement cost associated with addressing unmet need over a 20-year timeframe – factoring in the widely varying built forms, land and construction costs that prevail across the states and territories
  3. Defining and appraising the various alternative pathways (financing and subsidy mechanisms) through which the required program could be delivered.

The research builds on housing needs assessment techniques previously developed and utilised in Australia by respected experts such as Dr Judy Yates, while the procurement cost modelling extends recent City Futures research on social housing construction costs in diverse housing market conditions.

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