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Smart Strathfield Roadmap and City Dashboard

This project developed and presented a Smart Strathfield Roadmap to support the Council’s objectives of transforming the Strathfield area as a digitally connected and sustainable city. The Smart Strathfield Roadmap report outlined how Council can focus on areas of Connection, Sustainability, and Economic Vitality through thoughtful planning and use of technology to meet the emerging challenges of congestion, accessibility to services, environmental stresses and growing populations. 

The project emphasised on the development of Smart City as a process instead of an end product; the process of building a community that uses all available intelligence, technology and quality processes to deliver for its citizens improved quality of life, sustainable and reliable services and leading-edge infrastructure. It identified the key drivers of Smart City development in Strathfield and offered a novel framework to align the smart city initiative with the overarching Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

The report identified ‘data-driven operations’, ‘integrated digital platforms’ and ‘partnerships as critical pillars and enablers of the smart city vision. The Roadmap devised a Smart City Project Assessment Framework that will be used to measure how the current and future smart projects link with the strategic priorities leveraging the enablers of data, digital platforms and partnerships. The report recognised a range of future projects and ongoing initiatives where significant scope exists to apply data and technology to deliver long-term community benefits as well as save critical resources for the Council. 

A ‘City Dashboard’ was also developed as part of this project to bring together and openly share information ranging from public transport operations, air quality and meteorological data, Council events , quality of eateries and social media feeds. Strathfield Dashboard supports the local agency in their move towards data-driven smart cities.



Dr Sarbeswar Praharaj

Funded by

Strathfield Council

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