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Smart Social Spaces: Smart Street Furniture Supporting Social Health

Using social media mapping, behaviour mapping and digital IoT [Internet of Things] sensors installed on street furniture, this project will record real time use of urban furnishings in public spaces such as parks, plazas and streets. This will enable: 1) efficient and informed management of public space and its infrastructure in a local government precinct; and 2) a greater engagement by the community with everyday places. The project will also design and test a new and innovative range of urban ‘healthy living hardware.’ Both components of this project are designed to improve healthy and connected living. This will lead to the development of a smart, infrastructure management system that can be utilised by councils throughout Australia.

In partnership with Georges River Council, the project is being undertaken by a BE Faculty wide interdisciplinary team of CIs from planning, industrial design and landscape architecture. CIs: Dr Nancy Marshall and Dr Christian Tietz (lead CIs); Dr Kate Bishop; A/Prof Linda Corkery; Dr Miles Park; Dr Christine Steinmetz & Prof Susan Thompson. Research Fellow: Dr Homa Rahmat.

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Funded by

Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, Smart Cities and Suburbs Program

Collaborating partners

Georges River Council

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