City Futures Research Centre Arts, Design and Architecture

Secondary Dwelling Outcomes in Central & Southern Sydney

This research, commissioned by the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC), investigated the occupant outcomes of secondary dwelling which have been enabled through complying development provisions in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009. The research offers insights on:

  • the scale of the secondary dwelling segment of the housing market in Central and Southern Sydney;
  • its suitability as an affordable rental option;
  • the housing needs being met; and
  • the implications of the segment’s growth for local government strategic planning and service provision.

Through a mix of research methods, including site visits across three key areas, interviews with key stakeholders, statistical analysis of key housing and demographic datasets and an occupant survey of 8,000 secondary dwellings, the project attempted to answer four key questions:

  • What factors are driving the take-up of the secondary dwelling provisions?
  • How are secondary dwellings being used?
  • Who is living in the new secondary dwellings?