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Scenario Planning Transport Futures: Improved Road and Transport Planning using Digital Scenario Planning Tools

The aim of this project is to identify opportunities to strengthen city planning studies and processes of the major planning, roads, and transport agency partners through the use of digital scenario planning tools. The project will work with partners to focus on Perth and Brisbane, with consideration given to Sydney and Melbourne as per partner involvement. The project will first identify the extent of long term big city concepts in existing planning and then seek to identify digital scenario tools that may assist in the greater level of consideration of such concepts. It is anticipated that this research will support the greater use of such tools and enhance the capacity of urban planning and road and transport agencies in Australia to prepare for future urban growth requirements and capture associated benefits and opportunities. In particular the project seeks to investigate the economic implications of land use, roads and transport infrastructure scenarios for the long term when the four largest Australian cities are among the biggest cities in the developed world. 



Professor Peter Newman
Project Leader

Leading organisation

Curtin University

Funded by

Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre Shared Grant

Industry partners


Collaborating partners

Griffith University
Swinburne University of Technology