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Regulation of residential tenancies and impacts on investment

This project reviews Australia’s divergent residential tenancies laws and examines the evidence regarding factors shaping rental investment. Using legal research, key stakeholder interviews, a ‘difference-indifferences’ analysis of rental bonds data, and a survey of rental investors, the research presents options for developing a national tenancy reform agenda.

This research takes stock of the current state of residential tenancy laws across Australia, and uses qualitative and quantitative methods to examine the extent to which these laws and other policy and market factors affect rental housing investment. From this evidence base the research generates options for a national agenda on tenancy law reform in line with national housing policy priorities.


Chris Martin
Dr Chris Martin
Senior Research Fellow
Professor Kath Hulse
Dr Eileen Webb
Laura Crommelin
Dr Laura Crommelin
Senior Lecturer
Dr Milad Ghasri
Dr Sharon Parkinson
Liss Ralston
Zoë Goodall

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