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Planning, Government Charges and the Costs of Land and Housing

This project will draw on this international research and an objective evaluation of existing Australian data to develop a consistent approach for determining the cost effect of planning regulations and charges on house prices and affordability in Australia . The project will then quantify the cumulative cost impacts of state and local government regulations and charges in a selection of case study developments in new release and urban renewal areas across inner city, suburban, and non metropolitan local government areas. It also aims to evaluate the cost impacts of existing and proposed regulation on housing production against the explicit objectives of the regulation, as a basis for avoiding unnecessary or unjustifiable regulation and for offsetting affordability impacts where these are unavoidable.


Final Report:

No. 140: Counting the Costs: Planning Requirements, Infrastructure Contributions, and Residential Development in Australia

Positioning Paper:

No. 109: Planning, government charges, and the costs of land and housing



Kristian Ruming
Nicole Gurran (Sydney University)

Collaborating partners

The Urban Development Industry Association
University of Sydney

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