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PhD Project - Neighbours and Shared Spaces at High Density

The number of people living at high density is increasing rapidly, but the social sustainability of these environments is unclear. We don't know much about how relationships between apartment neighbours start and why.

This project investigates shared spaces in and around apartment buildings, asking what people do socially in these spaces and why. It also asks about the value of neighbour relationships, their advantages and disadvantages, and how people maintain them at a cordial level.

Sian is currently looking for apartment buildings in Sydney to participate in the project. If your building:

- is 4 storeys or taller

- has between 150 and 200 units approximately

- was built between 2010 and 2015

- is friendly/has a good sense of community

Please contact her at to express your interest.

The project will involve interviews with volunteering residents and/or management, analysis of shared space design, and a short survey of residents.

Leading organisation

University of New South Wales

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