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Implementing Metropolitan Planning Strategies: Taking into Account Local Level Housing Demand

The project undertook a three-year research program working with the NSW Government Planning agencies. The overarching aim of the project was to develop a suite of practically applicable methods to enable the partner agencies to assess local housing demand profiles. Supply-side issues and mechanisms are well understood and monitored. Forecasting techniques, and assumptions based upon these techniques, are used to ‘plan’ our cities into the future. However, the actual translation of these strategies requires a more nuanced and pragmatic approach if the differential geographies of housing demand – and the different drivers and components of demand – are to be understood and worked with.

The project contributed to current academic debates concerning scale, function and intersection of housing markets and translate these into “real world” applicable resources. A key outcome was a methodology that generated census-based Housing Market Demand Areas and a contrasting set of Housing Market Supply Areas for the Sydney metropolitan area. A novel approach to surveying recent movers was also completed with a significant analysis of motivations among recent moving housings (both renters and owners) for two sub-regional areas (North-west Sydney and Eastern Sydney). Further analysis of the changing nature of intra-urban mobility over 30 years was also undertaken. A practical outcome was a set of census and survey based analytical methods that can be used to update these initial functional housing market areas periodically by the planning authority. The project also supported an APA(I) PhD scholarship. The PhD research focused on submarket function and connectivity between different markets. Of particular interest was the role of lower-value markets as gateways into the housing system and how their structure affects forward mobility in the market.


Implementing Metropolitan Planning Strategies: Taking into account local housing demand – Survey Report

Implementing Metropolitan Planning Strategies: Taking into account local housing demand – Technical Report


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