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Housing Sex Offenders

This project will generate important new knowledge on the governance of sex offenders after prison release, specifically in relation to housing. This complex and sensitive criminal justice issue has vital public welfare implications. Enhanced understanding of administrative norms regarding released sex offender housing arrangements will result from the project. Comparing such processes across jurisdictions will potentially enable the identification of 'best practice' that can be beneficial for the key stakeholders involved. The stronger evidence base on released sex offender housing pathways that will also result from the study will help inform future housing assistance policy and practice in the cost-effective reduction of re-offending.

The project will enhance understanding of housing assistance in the post-prison-release management of sex offenders and its impact on accommodation pathways, re-offending and re-integration. This will be achieved by:

 (1) Theorising the role of housing in governing sex offenders post-release

 (2) Investigating relevant institutions, laws, policies and practices in Australia, as compared with those in benchmark countries (the United Kingdom and the United States)

 (3) Analysing the housing pathways and institutional lifecourses of sex offenders post-release, using linked administrative data and interviews with sector stakeholders and offenders

 (4) Assessing the effectiveness, costs and benefits of different housing assistance policy settings.



Hal Pawson
Professor Hal Pawson
Chief Investigator
Prof Eileen Baldry
Chief Investigator
Dr Chris Martin
Dr Chris Martin
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Ruth McCausland

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