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High Value Collection Projects-Bike Network Data

The City Futures Research Centre is collaborating with the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) from 2016 – 2017 in order to curate bicycling route data collected by the Bicycle Network mobile phone app, RiderLog1. Bicycle Network is ‘a self-funded community organisation, dedicated to getting more people cycling more often’. They collect data on cycling trips and habits from a wide range of cyclists using their RiderLog app. The data collected by the app include attribute information and GPSX locations recorded approximately every 40 seconds for each bicycling journey. After collection, data are anonymously uploaded to Bicycle Network and used to convince local and state governments to invest more in the infrastructure, particularly in much-frequented bicycle locations.

The initial tranche of RiderLog data consist of over 10 million point locations recorded by the app from June 2010 – May 2014 across Australia. The aim of this project is to curate these data including cleaning, standardizing and make the data openly available. Curating the data in this way will increase the data value and re-usability significantly, support the future city analytics endeavours and encourage more cyclists to ‘donate’ data on their riding habits to build more bicycle friendly cities. It is planned that the data publication will continue on a regular basis.

Bicycle Network Program


Leading organisation

University of New South Wales

Funded by

Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

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