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Find Your Sport Wayfinding mobile application

This study was undertaken by City Futures Research Centre, UNSW Australia, with the support of the NSW Department of Industry and Naveze. The project aimed to develop a mobile application named “Find Your Sport” to ease navigation on eight Greater Public School (GPS) campuses in Sydney, Australia. This report has two phases. The first phase of this research reviewed the literature related to wayfinding in general, and campus wayfinding in particular. Readily available campus wayfinding mobile applications and other wayfinding applications related to open spaces and the built environment were reviewed. The key functions and features of the applications were assessed, and their strengths and benefits were identified. The main purpose for reviewing the mobile applications was to provide recommendations for the trial version of the Find Your Sport (FYS) mobile application. In the second phase of the research, the functionality, effectiveness and technical issues of the trial version of the FYS mobile application were investigated through a questionnaire survey. The survey identified some technical issues with the trial version of FYS mobile application. Furthermore, the results provided some insights into the actual needs of the users. Finally, synthesizing the results from the questionnaire and the key features of the available wayfinding mobile applications led to a set of particular considerations and recommendations for developing and updating the final version of FYS mobile application. 

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