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Enhancing affordable housing investment via a social housing guarantee

The study involved a review of six international housing guarantee schemes, interviews with industry stakeholders and international experts and a Think Tank, which directly engaged key stakeholders in the Australian financial services and affordable rental sector. The study proposed two models: an Affordable Housing Finance Corporation, and the established tool of Securitisation.

The first model is preferred because it is relatively simple, transparent and works with existing policies like the National Regulatory System for not-for-profit providers and subsidies like Commonwealth Rent Assistance and the National Rental Affordability Scheme. It also minimises the impact on government budgets and lowers the cost of finance to providers compared with Securitisation.

The proposal overcomes many barriers cited by institutional investors by offering investment opportunities at an appropriate scale and risk rate return. It would meet the risk/return strategies of large and growing super funds, a likely source of investment. It also meets government objectives to increase private investment in affordable rental housing and build an efficient rental market.


Julie Lawson
Chief Investigator
Mike Berry
Chief Investigator
Hal Pawson
Professor Hal Pawson
Associate Director, City Futures Research Centre
Carrie Hamilton

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