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Constructing Building Integrity: Raising standards through professionalism

This project aims to investigate the role of professions in rebuilding trust in residential building construction in Australia. In the wake of expensive and life-threatening building defects, this project expects to generate new knowledge about the functioning of individual professionals, professionals employed in multi-profession organisations, and professionals’ interaction with their institutional environment. Expected outcomes include practical recommendations for improved professional standards, a rigorous building integrity system and a means for measuring change. Anticipated benefits include greater awareness by professions, trades and regulators of their role in in delivering the public goods of a trustworthy construction industry.

The project is being led by Professor Charles Sampford at Griffith University, and includes researchers from Griffith, UNSW (Michael Ostwald and Hazel Easthope), Curtin and Western Sydney universities. The project partners are the Professional Standards Council, the Western Australian Departments of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety; the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works, and Corrs Chambers Westgarth.


Leading organisation

Griffith University

Funded by

Australian Research Council (ARC)

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