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Co-design Guide for Transforming Ageing Apartment Buildings

The project aims to unlock the redevelopment potential of apartment housing by developing a co-design process to enable transformative redesign to become a mainstream redevelopment option for ageing buildings. It will generate a theoretical framework and practical guidance for the renewal of old apartment buildings. The outcome will be a guide for an inclusive design and delivery process that addresses redevelopment risks and realizes opportunities for effective transformation of apartments into attractive spaces that add value for residents, neighbourhoods and cities.

The Co-Design Guide will assist in adapting and upgrading ageing apartment buildings to better meet changing economic, social and environmental needs. It will provide a feasible and scalable alternative to demolish and rebuild that is more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. It will reduce risks associated in collective decision-making and give owners a voice in what happens to their property. It will provide the information necessary to make transformative re-design a mainstream alternative, providing new opportunities for Australia’s design and construction industries. For residents and the broader public, the result will be healthier and more sustainable living conditions, increased amenity and improved property values. Access to the guidelines will create new skills and facilitate new client services for architects and construction professionals. The research will provide new evidence to inform public policy on design excellence, urban renewal and housing quality.

The project is being led by A/Prof Sandra Loschke at the University of Sydney. The project partners are Cox Architecture, the Government Architect NSW, Allen Jack & Cottier Architects, Lannock Strata Finance and MaxBuild.

Leading organisation

University of Sydney

Funded by

Australian Research Council (ARC)

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