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An Integrated Information Model to Support Metropolitan Planning

Current strategic metropolitan planning is compromised by limited access to information from the diverse sources of geospatial data required for reliable analysis and effective decision making. This project will employ an integrated 3D geospatial information model to research a range of likely social, economic and environmental outcomes of urban renewal proposals in two major case study locations relevant to the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy. The research makes use of the latest international open standards for linking, for the first time, the three tiers of land, urban and building information data to undertake analysis of strategic urban planning proposals.

This project will be the first in Australia to integrate diverse types of urban data using an open-standard geospatial information model to research the outcomes of major urban renewal proposals in collaboration with both a state and local government planning instrumentalities. Since the issues being addressed are common to every planning body in Australia, the flow-on benefits will be of national significance for future urban planning and management. The research will place Australia at the forefront of international research to improve spatial information management that will inform planning decisions at the local and state level.

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Jim Plume
Chief Investigator
Bruno Parolin
Chief Investigator
John Mitchell,
Chief Investigator
Dr Bruce Judd,
Chief Investigator