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City Futures Research Centre's publications include refereed journal articles, books, research papers, issues papers, project reports as well as conference and seminar presentations. This list includes publications by City Futures' staff since its inception in 2004.  For full publication listings by each of our staff members, please visit staff profile pages.

Pawson H; Herath S, 2015, 'Dissecting and tracking socio-spatial disadvantage in urban Australia', Cities, vol. 44, pp. 73-85,

Burnley I; Liu E; Easthope H, 2015, 'Geographies of Adult Multigenerational Family Households in Metropolitan Sydney', Geographical Research

Wiesel I, 2015, 'Housing for People with Intellectual Disabilities and the National Disability Insurance Scheme Reforms', Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, pp. 1-11,
Bigby C; Wiesel I, 2015, 'Mediating Community Participation: Practice of Support Workers in Initiating, Facilitating or Disrupting Encounters between People with and without Intellectual Disability', Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, pp. n/a-n/a,
Wiesel I; Bigby C, 2015, 'Movement on Shifting Sands: Deinstitutionalisation and People with Intellectual Disability in Australia, 1974–2014', Urban Policy and Research,
van den Nouwelant RM; Legacy C, 2015, 'Negotiating strategic planning’s transitional spaces: the case of ‘guerrilla governance’ in infrastructure planning', Environment and Planning A: international journal of urban and regional research, vol. 47, no. 1, pp. 209-226,
Freestone R; Wiesel I, 2015, 'Privatisation, property and planning: the remaking of Canberra Airport', Policy Studies, pp. 1-20,
Herath S; Choumert J; Maier G, 2015, 'The value of the greenbelt in Vienna: a spatial hedonic analysis', The Annals of Regional Science: international journal of urban, regional and environmental research and policy,
Wiesel I; Pawson H, 2015, 'Why do tenants leave social housing? Exploring residential and social mobility at the lowest rungs of Australia's socioeconomic ladder', Australian Journal of Social Issues, vol. 50, no. 4, pp. 397-417,

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