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Henry Petersen

Dr Henry Petersen
Research Fellow


Since 2017 Henry worked as part of the High Performance Architecture cluster at UNSW. His work has focused on developing the Urban Heat Island Mitigation Decision Support tool, and identifying local methods for mitigating excess urban heat. Prior to this he has worked on projects involving a range of government, industry, and academic partners across a number of fields including GIS, bioinformatics, text mining, biomedical information retrieval, and image processing. He received his PhD from the School of IT at the University of Sydney in 2016, and has an interest in data mining/machine learning with a particular focus on supporting real users via integration into practical workflows.


Journal articles

Petersen H; Poon J; Poon S; Loy C, 2017, 'Better Rulesets by Removing Redundant Specialisations and Generalisations in Association Rule Mining', Australasian Journal of Information Systems, vol. 21, 10.3127/ajis.v21i0.1542

Petersen H, 2016, 'Generating High Precision Classification Rules for Screening of Irrelevant Studies in Systematic Review Literature Searches',

Petersen H; Poon J; Poon SK; Loy C, 2014, 'Increased Workload for Systematic Review Literature Searches of Diagnostic Tests Compared With Treatments: Challenges and Opportunities', JMIR medical informatics, vol. 2

Conference Papers

Petersen H; Poon J, 2011, 'Enhancing short text clustering with small external repositories', in Proceedings of the Ninth Australasian Data Mining Conference-Volume 121, Australian Computer Society, Inc., pp. 79-90, Australian Computer Society, Inc.

Petersen H; Poon J, 2009, 'Reworking Bridging for Use within the Image Domain', in International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, Springer, pp. 832-839, Springer

Petersen H; Loy JPSPC; Leeflang M, 'Partially automated literature screening for systematic reviews by modelling non-relevant', in JOINT WORKSHOP, pp. 43-43


Ding L; He B; Petersen H; Craft W; Qi J; Yang S; Santamouris M; Prasad D, 2019, Assessing the Impact of Solar Photovoltaics and Air Conditioning Waste Heat on Urban Heat Island Effects

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Craft W; Petersen H; Haddad S; Ding L; Santamouris M, 2019, Mitigating Urban Heat for the Green Square Town Centre Redevelopment, Precinct Design Assessment - A Guide to Smart Sustainable Low Carbon Urban Development,