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Dr Greg Paine

Greg Paine
Research Assistant



Greg has joined the City Futures Research Centre following more than 20 years of experience in environmental planning practice in State and local government, and overseas.  This work resulted in a number of professional awards.  With initial qualifications in town planning from UNSW, Greg has also completed a masters degree in environmental management through the WHO Collaborative Centre for Environmental Health at the University of Western Sydney and subsequently a doctorate in sustainable development.  This research looked at how individuals understand, evaluate and practice ‘sustainable development’ in their lives. 

Greg has a keen interest in integrative and multi-disciplinary approaches to matters.  To this end he has recently completed a draft for a book detailing how a group of practitioners operate in this way using “pattern” as a cognitive and practical tool. 

These experiences are currently being applied within research being undertaken by the City Wellbeing Program into how the design and management of our built environments can either support or hinder personal and community health. 


Journal articles

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Conference Papers

Thompson SM; Paine G; Mitchell E, 2015, 'Creating Environments that Support Healthy Living Using Methodologies for Deep Understandings', in Burton P; Shearer H (ed.), State of Australian Cities Conference 2015: Refereed Proceedings, State of Australian Cities Research Network, Gold Coast, presented at State of Australian Cities Conference 2015, Gold Coast, 09 December 2015 - 11 December 2015,